Corporate Performance Management

Data Collection

Callisto fully supports input into Excel with data being sent directly to the database. The user experience is very intuitive. Simply enter data into highlighted cells and click the Submit button. Callisto Security allows the administrator to open and close slices of the database independent of the input schedules, and yet Callisto provides an Excel client smart enough to respond to the defined security and dynamically show users what is available for input in any schedule created. This provides an environment where all end users can be permitted to create their own input schedules that are tailored to meet their exact needs.

Actual Input

- Below you see input cells highlighted in the March column because only March is open for input in the Actual Scenario.

Forecast Input

- With the same Input Schedule open when the user navigates to a different location in the Control Panel, the cells that are highlighted for input change automatically. The columns from April to the end of the year are highlighted because in the Forecast Scenario, these are the time periods open for input. The Forecast is also entered at a different level of detail in the Entity dimension. In this example, the Forecast input takes place at the parent level entity of United States instead of the detail level of Actual.

Offline Input

- Input schedules can be saved locally and used to enter data even when not connected to your network. After reconnecting to the network, all data can be submitted to the database. The user does not need to do anything special to make a schedule available offline. This is automatically available for input schedules created with Callisto.

Workflow Control

Workflow control for data submissions and approvals are so easy to define that any business user can do it.  Provide predefined input form templates for your users that can be completed while online, or just as easily used offline to complete data entry any place any time.  Callisto allows you to open for data input just the items you want, and close them again anytime you want.  Let your users create their own input schedules or load their own data, all without fearing they might update the wrong data, and still maintaining all data submission and approval controls.  Easily support multiple overlapping cycles simultaneously, so you can do things like gather Actual data for one month while simultaneously gathering Forecast data for a different set of time periods.  Define email notifications so users are automatically notified when something needs their attention.


- Powerful spreading is available for users to let Callisto derive the numbers required to come to a desired total.

Driver Based Forecasting

- Use all the power of Excel for users to input drivers and derived numbers to be submitted. With users knowing and loving Excel, it is very easy to allow users to create to create their own models used to derive their numbers just the way they want.

Shared Library

- Input schedules can be organized into a shared library that all users can access. This allows administrators to create a common library of schedules that can be used as they are, or can be used as examples for users to create custom schedules of their own from.
For schedules you want to insure are only used as they are with no changes by the users, schedules can be protected so users can not change them.