Corporate Performance Management

Load Data

Callisto users can load bulk data directly from an Excel workbook. Users are no longer dependent on an administrator to massage or load data feeds through the backend.  Data can still be loaded through the back end, but it is no longer required.

In today’s dynamic corporate world, where companies are constantly bought and sold, it is impossible for headquarters to know how to translate data from all the various systems found in a large company. By allowing the users that understand the data and the translations required to correctly load that data, Callisto will help make this process more efficient. The translations or mapping of members required in order to load your data can be performed in any column in the same Excel file that contains the data feed. That Excel file can then be loaded directly into the database with the extra columns needed to correctly map the members still in your worksheet.  Even with this bulk loading of data all security and data locking is still fully enforced, so you never lose control of your data.

Granting user the ability to load their own data in a model is only made possible through the security in Callisto. All Callisto security is automatically enforced on all data loaded ensuring users can only load data to members in the database that the administrator has designated as writeable by the user and that are currently unlocked.

Extract Data

When users need to feed data to another system, they can serve their own needs without waiting for or relying on headquarters. Administrators no longer find themselves involved in a situation where they have to make some users unhappy because they just cannot do everything for everyone. Again, by empowering users with the ability to extract their own data, the task of translating the data no longer must be handed off to someone who is less familiar with the data, making for a more efficient process.