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- Some of the partners our Callisto technology is available through

   DSPanel  - provides a branded version of Callisto as part of Performance Canvas for advanced Dashboards and Mashups for Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions.

DSPanel offers advanced dashboarding, adhoc mashups, and analysis on top Microsoft Analysis Services. They are working closely with us to offer browser based data input tightly integrated with Callisto security and workflow control for even more advanced Dashboarding capabilities in a Budgeting and Forecasting solution.

Excentive International  - Integrated with Excentive's Total Compensation Management application, Callisto provides a real-time Excel-based reporting and ad-hoc analysis on Sales and Employee performance/compensation data.

Excentive International provides a Total Compensation software solution covering Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Employee Performance Management (EPM). Excentive's Total Compensation Management software manages Incentive Compensation to drive Sales Performance and Salary, Bonus and Equity Compensation to drive Employee Performance.


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